The difference between iPhone and Android phone, iPhone and Android phone

Often the question arises in the minds of all of us what is the difference between Android phones and iPhones. In fact, there is a difference because some people use Android phones and some people use Apple phones. 

Yes, there are many differences between these two phones. The first difference comes in terms of price. Moreover, there are many differences between iPhone and Android phones. 

If you want to know the differences between Android phones, then today's post is for you. If you keep reading from beginning to end, then you too can know the difference between Android phones and iPhones.

Application crash

 Many Android phone users have reported that their apps sometimes crash. But no such allegations were found from the use of the iPhone. 

So it can be said without a doubt that iPhone applications do not crash. On the other hand, there is a big advantage in the iPhone because the user has a lot of problems when the application crashes.

Customize the home screen

 Those of us who use Android phones will see that the home screen of our Android phone can be customized as our own but the home screen cannot be customized on the iPhone. In this respect, the iPhone is a little behind the Android phone.

On the iPhone, you can simply change your wallpaper, customize your apps a little, and create folders on the home screen so that many applications can be placed there. Understand that it is much less than Android.

App Store vs. Play Store

 To install the iPhone app we have to go to the App Store and to install the Android phone app we have to go to the Play Store. For those who have installed the app from the App Store, the process of Play Store seems to be a complicated process. 

They say that installing apps from the Play Store to the App Store is an easy process. However, installing applications from the Play Store is not a difficult task.

A big advantage of the iPhone is that all the applications of the iPhone are made by the developers of Apple company. But the Android phone applications are made by different third-party people.

Paid applications

 It has been found that there are more paid applications in the App Store than in the Play Store. There are very few or no ads in paid applications. In that case, if you install the application from the Google Play Store, you have to take the trouble of advertising.

Default application

 Every operating system has some default applications. Android and iPhone also have the default application. 

However, according to those who have used the iPhone, the default applications of the iPhone are not much better. 

However, some people may like it, but most of the iPhone's default applications are less than the Android phone applications. The default applications are available from Google on Android phones. Google's apps are really nice.

Media file transfer

 When we need it, we transfer media files from our mobile to computer or from computer to mobile. 

If you use the Mac operating system on your computer, you can easily transfer media files from iPhone to computer or from computer to iPhone. But if your computer has Windows operating system installed, you will not be able to transfer media files to your iPhone. 

But if you want to transfer media files to an Android phone, you only need to have a computer Windows operating system. You can transfer your media files from computer to phone or from phone to computer just by connecting one with your Android phone. 

But in the case of the iPhone, which is a bit different, in case of iPhone, if you have to transfer files for Windows, you have to install a separate application for it.

Back button

Those of you who use Android phones must have noticed that our Android phone has a back button through which we can come back from any application. 

But you will be surprised to know that the iPhone does not have this back button. Those who are accustomed to using Android phones will have a little trouble using the iPhone. 

But for those who use iPhone, this is not a problem. This is because the back button is set by default in the upper left corner of the apps you use. So there is no need for a back button here. 

But still, Android phone users do not feel comfortable using the iPhone because there is no back button.

In addition to the above differences, many more differences are observed between iPhone and Android phones. If you want to fully understand the differences between Android and iPhone, then you must use iPhone and Android.

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