The difference between RAM and ROM, RAM and ROM

We have heard the names of Ram and Rom. Many people do not know exactly what Ram and Rom are. Many ask what is the difference between Ram and Rom?

If you have such a question in mind then today's post is for you. Through today's post, I will let you know about the difference between Ram and Rom. Read the post from beginning to end to find out.

To know the difference between Ram and Rom we need to know about Ram and Rom.

What is Ram?

Ram is random access memory. The RAM is connected to the motherboard as the internal memory of the CPU. We know Ram as computer hardware. 

This is a running memory. Ram is designed to store all the running information of the computer while it is running. This is called read and writing memory. Because Ram's information can be written or read again.

Ram temporarily stores data. When we start the computer, the instructions received from the computer's hard disk are stored in Ram and sent to the CPU. As a result, all computer programs are launched. 

Ram stores data only as long as the computer is turned on. When the computer is off, this Ram no longer stores any data. Hence Ram is called temporary memory.

Now let's talk about Rom

Read-only memory is called Rom. Ram is running memory but Rom is not running. And it's not temporary memory like Ram's. Rom's information can only be read but not written. ROM permanent memory. 

It can store data even when the computer is off. Where the capacity of Ram is 256 GB, the capacity of ROM is 4 to 8 MB. Smaller than Rom Ram in terms of size. Ram's stored data can be recovered or changed. 

But data cannot be recovered or changed in ROM. Comparisons of Rom Ram tend to be much slower. The information stored in Ram is used directly by the CPU but the information stored in ROM is used by the CPU when the data of Ram is transferred. Cheaper than Rom Ram.

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