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Dreams are a very familiar subject to every one. We expect a lot in reality but even if it is not fulfilled, we fulfill many hopes through dreams. 

Who does not want to fulfill his dream? But it is an impossible thing. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of Earl. 

Although it may sound strange to hear that, it is also possible now. Yes, I'm talking about virtual reality. Through virtual reality, current dreams can be created on their own. 

Virtual reality is a three-dimensional world created in a computer simulation. Where human vision, hearing, and sense of touch are stimulated.

Virtual reality is based on computer technology and simulation information. It is possible to do the most impossible things in virtual reality by creating 3D images.

By creating a three-dimensional image in virtual reality, people create a place of their dreams or imagination. Virtual reality uses a number of sensors that capture the computer's various human reactions and produce results accordingly. 

This technology artificially creates the real world that acts as a medium of information exchange.

Now we will know what it takes to create a virtual reality

Reality engine and simulator

The reality engine is made up of a combination of computer hardware and software. Computers used in virtual reality have many times more computing power than ordinary computers. 

Simulator computer hardware to provide human input and output information. And the software describes the relevance of the simulation. 

Reality simulators collect sensitive information such as different types of sensor audio or video processing devices for different types of heat and temperature control transductions.

Input and output sensor devices

Virtual reality requires input and output sensor devices. Those devices are described below-

Head-mounted display: 

The headset covers the eyes and ears and allows you to see and hear any scene. A headset with a lens is used to view three-dimensional images that simultaneously monitor eye movements.

Data Glove:

Data gloves are to be worn on the hands. It expresses the feeling of spasm. If it is attached to the hand, then the things of imagination get the feeling of spasm. This is the real fun of virtual reality.

A Full Body Suit:

Body Suite also works as a data glove. Numerous sensors are fitted in the body suite. Sensors that constantly send information to the program. And the program changes the front screen accordingly.

Audio device:

Just as we can hear different sounds of a computer using the audio device in our computer, here also we can hear different sounds of the artificial world using an audio device.

Each system requires a user to start. It also takes a user to run a virtual reality. In virtual reality, the user can leave the real world and move to an artificial environment to create the environment of his choice. The result can describe the experience of the acquired scene.

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