Most people nowadays use Android phones and Android phones have become an important element in our lives. 

With an Android phone we can do any complex task easily. The most important component of this Android phone is its battery. You never want your Android phone battery to be wasted. 

If the battery of the Android phone is damaged, then that phone has no value. So it is very important for you to take care of the battery. Depends on the charge behind the loss of the Android phone. No battery lasts a lifetime. 

At some point or another, the battery is damaged, but if you charge the battery incorrectly, the battery of your mobile will be damaged in a short time. 

In today's post I will let you know how to charge your Android mobile properly. Because based on this charge, the battery survival of your mobile will depend.

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Charging time

 Many people ask that when I charge my mobile battery will benefit? We think that it will be better if you can charge it frequently but no, the more hours you give to the battery, the shorter your battery life will be. The charge cycle of a battery is 500 times. 

This means that after charging 500 times, the charge capacity of your mobile battery will continue to decrease. So refrain from frequent searches. When your phone's charge is above 50% it is normal but when it goes below 50% it becomes abnormal. 

Charging below 50% actually puts a different extra strain on the battery. Even then, do not charge your battery until it is below 30%. Never let your battery charge decrease by 20% on its own. This can be very risky for your phone's battery.


Confirm 100% charge

Many people are seen unplugging the phone from the charge before it is 100 percent charged after charging. This should not be done at all. When you charge it, you will unplug it after it is fully charged, which will benefit your battery.

Do not charge the phone at night

Many people charge the phone before going to bed at night and unplug it when they wake up in the morning. It's not right to do that at all. This can also damage the battery of your mobile. 

However, some of the current phones have an unprecedented sensor that automatically stops charging when the sensor is fully charged, so there is no problem, but if you do not have this sensor in your mobile, you will never charge for a long time at night.

Use the right charger

If your charger is not correct then the phone battery becomes a problem. With the same charger that you provided with the original charger when you purchased the phone, your battery will not be damaged if you want, but whenever you charge your battery with another charger, your mobile battery will be greatly damaged. 

If you lose that original charger, try getting another new charger from your phone's customer care. And if you use a charger compatible with your battery then your battery will not have any problem.

Fast charging

 Many people think that fast charging can be harmful for the phone's battery. But fast charging is not so harmful. Because those who have created a fast charging system have started the system in harmony with the battery. So I don't think fast charging is a loss. Rather it further enhances the search cycle.

Avoid charging while working on the phone

Many people work on the phone by charging the phone. It should never be done. Doing so can cause extreme damage to your phone's battery, so avoid it.

Hope you understand the above and if you abide by the above then your mobile battery will not be damaged. If you like the post, be sure to share it with your friends and if you have any comments or questions about this post, don't forget to let us know in the comment box. Thank you.

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