The secret to changing the color of the chameleon, chameleon

Hello friends how are you Hope you are well. Today I have appeared among you with another new topic. The topic is the chameleon.

Maybe we all know the chameleon. And I also know that the chameleon changes color. It is very surprising that the chameleon can change its skin color and skin color pattern at any moment in any situation. 

It helps to catch prey and protect it from predators. It can be called his self-defense tool. Now I will tell you what is the real secret of changing the color of the chameleon. How the chameleon changes its color.

Scientists have done a lot of research on chameleons. Research has shown that chameleons change color. Not all species of chameleons change color. 

There are some different species that change their skin color. The chameleon's skin has a layer on its surface, beneath which lies a type of cell called the goine crystal. 

Ekushey basically helps the chameleon to change color. Gone changes position between crystal layers. This causes the chameleon's skin color and color pattern to change.

It's very funny. Chameleons are able to change their color and pattern through a combination of pink, blue, red, orange, green, black, brown, light blue, yellow, turquoise, and purple. 

Chameleon color changes are due to social signals and responses to temperature and other conditions. The chameleon controls its body temperature by changing its color. 

Apply light colors to increase the temperature and apply cart colors to reduce the temperature. Many animals, such as birds and snakes, wait for the chameleon to recognize it. 

The chameleon adapts to the environment to survive. This is only possible due to the change in the color of his skin and the change in the color of his skin. 

This is why the chameleon is said to change the color of its skin in self-defense.

The desert chameleon lightens its body color to avoid overheating and turns its body color darker on winter mornings to protect its body from the cold. 

Now let's talk about the chameleon senses. The chameleon has distinct eyes from any reptile. 

The lizard's eyes can focus up to 360 degrees. They can't wait to speak Jehovah. The lizard's tongue is one and a half to two times larger than their body (except for the tail). 

His tongue is perfect for distant insect hunting. The chameleon usually eats insects.

This was some information about the chameleon today. Hope you like it. Stay tuned to Grandpa to get more up-to-date information. And don't forget to leave your opinion in the comments. Thanks.

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